About our Founder

Amy Jo Nicks Turner

 Ministry Leader, Women's Pastor

Amy Jo is a woman of great integrity, loyalty and has a burning passion and love for Jesus Christ.  She was raised in a small town with a Baptist background.  

In her early adult years, Amy Jo and her family experienced great hardships and heartbreaks that Jesus Christ delivered them from. They now live in South Carolina and are working in ministry full time.  Her oldest daughter is attending college at a Christian College and her youngest is in High School.   They are a living testimony that with the love and power of Jesus Christ, there isn't anything that you cannot overcome.

If you would like to hear more about the testimony of Amy Jo and the experiences she went through and God's unending, unfailing love and saving Grace, please contact us via e-mail at:  [email protected] or notify us by clicking our Contact link.   It is Amy Jo's hearts desire that through sharing her testimony and the Love of Jesus Christ that others will overcome whatever storms they may be experiencing and be saved by God's Amazing Grace.

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