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New Hope Community Fellowship Ministries

"...Behold all things are become new"

~2 Corinthians 5:17~


We are a NON-PROFIT, Religious, Bible believing, Jesus Loving, Community serving Organization!

Our Mission is to reach the community by sharing the Love of Jesus and meeting people at their point of need. By doing this we have seen multiple people come to know and accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior!

 Hallelujah! All Praise and Glory be to God!!

OUR DESIRE is to see all  come to know the Lord and Love one another the way that Christ loves us.

OUR FOCUS, first and foremost is on Serving Jesus Christ. We do that by being a resource for those in need. We also sponsor community outreach events.  We sponsor children for Christmas, we help provide school clothes, shoes, supplies, field trips, etc.. 

We come together for a time of prayer, study, and support for one another. Whatever the need is, if the Lord says do it, we are obedient.

OUR VISION: God has given us the desire to build a women’s center, that will provide all these resources, as well as temporary housing for more women, a full daycare facility for children, job training skills and classes with placement, referrals for legal counsel as needed, activities for the children of all ages, a Crisis Intervention team, with support groups and an auditorium to have not just Bible Study, but Praise and Worship as a group as well.

We want everyone, to know that no matter what their circumstances, they are not alone. They have a savior that Loves them. They have a support system to help them through the trials of life even if everyone else turns their back on them. With Jesus Christ, there is ALWAYS HOPE AND FORGIVENESS!

 Over the last three years, I have seen broken families restored. I have seen many people come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We have witnessed homeless find homes and jobless become gainfully employed. We have seen the high school dropouts obtain a GED and continue to college. We have seen the drug addict and the alcoholic become clean and sober and serving Christ. We have witnessed the one with a reprobate mind find the delivering POWER of God and have her mind restored and her inner beauty shine freely with her love of Christ. We have seen those with cancer completely healed. We have seen broken bones healed. Through the healing power of Christ these things have been possible with Faith and belief in Jesus alone. Many of those who we have loved through their journeys have moved on to help spread the love and gospel to others. They are spreading the word and joy that comes from the freedom they have found. 

Because our services are free…we depend on support from others who share the same love for Jesus Christ that we have. Please, would you consider contributing towards our ministry today? Any amount helps tremendously. All donations are tax deductible and giving is easy.   Click the Giving Link and Click on Paypal link to contribute and to receive an e-mailed receipt.  God Bless!

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support! May God bless you as you help us to bless others.